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Welcome to the Medical Center website
Orto-Optymist Lublin

Since 2011, we have been providing medical care in the field of orthodontics, dentistry, orthopaedics, rehabilitation and sports medicine. Together with our experienced specialists, we take care of your beautiful smile and healthy body. Out of concern for the health of our patients, we constantly focus on modern medicine, the latest methods of treatment, employee development and interdisciplinary treatment. Ongoing cooperation with notable specialists from various fields guarantees optimal results of preventive and curative activities.
We approach each patient individually because every patient is unique to us. We believe that professional treatment based on the earliest diagnostic and therapeutic methods will be permanently effective if we can convince our patients to this truth. The trust that our patients have for us is the best assessment of the effects of our work.

With optimism towards health!


Medical solutions

for the active

Orthopaedics and rehabilitation

  • The orthopaedic-rehabilitation team was created for your health, that’s why we want to help in the care of optimal physical fitness. A specialist consultation at the doctor determines the scope of rehabilitation and the type of escapes performed by the physiotherapist. The ability to perform orthopaedic ultrasound allows to optimize the therapy. The treatment of pain of some diseases and injuries is possible due to treatments using platelet-rich plasma PRP, hyaluronic acid or collagen. In our work, we also use Formahotics orthopaedic insoles and in pain syndromes and injuries we provide specialist orthopaedic supply.We are distinguished by a holistic approach to patient’s problems, close cooperation between a doctor and a team of physiotherapists. We focus on the individual physiotherapist’s work with the patient. In addition, we strive to shape appropriate movement awareness and support in maintaining the achieved efficiency.WHAT WE TREAT:
    1. Faulty posture – correction of faulty posture of children
    2. Treatment of joint and muscle pain
    3. Disorders of internal organs
    4. Sports rehabilitation
    5. Rehabilitation before and after surgery
    6. Dental rehabilitation
    7. Rehabilitation of oncological patients
    8. Rehabilitation of pregnant women

    1. Manual therapy
    2. Osteopathy (visceral therapy)
    3. Manipulation of the fascia
    4. Kinesiotaping
    5. Kinesitherapy
    6. Physiotherapy

    Our offer in the field of orthopaedics and rehabilitation:
    1. Rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults
    2. Specialist consultations
    3. orthopaedic ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system
    4. Formthotics orthopaedic insoles (we are the only one in Lublin who make insoles using the thermoforming method).
    5. PRP platelet rich plasma (a safe and effective method of treating orthopaedic disorders using platelets from the patient)
    6. Pain treatment: hyaluronic acid, collagen


Treatment for children

teenagers and adults

Orthodontics and dentistry

The orthodontic and dental team was created to take care of your oral health, and to take care of the condition of the entire oral cavity. We treat children, adolescents and adults. Orthodontic treatment starts with a specialist consultation. The doctor performs a radiological X-ray examination (dental panoramic radiograph), performs impressions and creates a treatment plan. Before starting the treatment with a fixed or removable braces, the orthodontist directs the patient to the dentist in order to treat the caries and to clean the teeth of the stone and sediments. In addition, in the office of hygiene, the patient receives help in the field of proper oral hygiene and dental prophylaxis. Orthodontic treatment is planned individually for the patient’s needs. If there is an indication, the orthodontist directs the patient to specialist consultations for a dental surgeon (tooth extraction) or maxillofacial surgeon (orthodontic treatment of bone defects) or a specialist dealing with functional disorders of the masticatory system (temporomandibular joints).

In the orthodontic treatment of dental and bone defects we use:

– Braces (metal, cosmetic, self-ligating)
– Removable braces
– Microimplants
– Apparatus for widening the jaw and upper dental arch

We successfully conduct orthodontic treatment of patients qualified:

– for a surgical operation (bone defects in the bite)
– for prosthetic restorations (implants / bridges)
– for the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders

Dental diagnosis deals with the diagnosis of oral diseases. Reliable diagnosis is the basis for effective treatment. As part of the diagnosis, we carry out the following tests: – patient interview – examination of hard dental tissues – examination of the condition of the gums and oral mucosa – examination of temporomandibular joints – radiological tests

As part of dental services, we offer:


– caries treatment in children and adults (sealing, varnishing, adaptation visits)
– root canal treatment
– treatment of periodontal diseases (scaling, sandblasting, curettage, splinting of teeth)
– prophylaxis (dental check-ups with the intra oral camera, oral hygiene instructions, hygiene office)
– aesthetics (whitening of live teeth – in the office and overlay method, whitening of dead teeth, correction of tooth shapes)


– removal of wisdom teeth – also detainees
– removal of milk teeth and permanent teeth
– resection
– frenulum undercutting
– implants
– aesthetic medicine

Functional disorders of the masticatory system:

– relaxation rails
– articulators
– deprogramators
– dental rehabilitation

Hygiene cabinet

RTG cabinet


Orto-Optymist keeps me in good physical condition and watches over my health. Thanks to the support I can become even better and fulfil my dreams.

I have put my trust in the best specialists in Lublin.

Competitor of the club LTK "Fala" in Lublin Member of the National Team of Seniors PZKaj, Multiple medallist of the Polish Championships, Tokyo Team 2020, XXXII Summer Olympics.

Sports medicine

Our Centre’s main focus is to provide medical care, including comprehensive rehabilitation, to players from sports clubs and to individual non-affiliated sportsmen as well as to people who think about starting physical activity or are already active. A medical consultation is carried out by a two-person team consisting of a sports medicine doctor and a physiotherapist, in order to select the optimal rehabilitation program.
Sports medicine includes:
1. Specialist consultations of children, adolescents and adults at the sports medicine and medical rehabilitation specialist
2. Preliminary, periodic and control jurisprudence (qualification for practicing sports and exclusion of possible contraindications for practicing a given sport discipline both in athletes and amateurs)
3. Treatment with movement – medical training (adjustment of activity corresponding to the individual needs of the patient, maintaining the effects of rehabilitation, return to mobility, controlling the training methods used, optimizing the diet and ongoing training)
4. Prevention of injury (prevention of injuries, rolling, stabilization, patient education)


Contact details

ul. Jana Sawy 9/lok.2
(dzielnica LSM)
20-632 Lublin landline phone: 81 473 25 20 phone: 669 223 292 We are open: Monday – Friday: 9am – 8pm Saturday: 9am – 2pm

We have convenient parking spaces
for our patients.
Access from the bus station by buses: 31, 32, 11, 39
Access from the railway station by buses: 28, 152

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Invoice details:

ORTO-OPTYMIST Joanna Gawda, Piotr Gawda
Spółka Partnerska Lekarzy
20-632 Lublin, ul. Jana Sawy 9 lok. 2
NIP: 712-321-72-84, Regon 060647380
KRS: 0000361134

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